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Technological development in machining page steel has made it possible to design and put in increasingly fast, productive and modern machines. Coil packaging series, together with its very own cutting lines, styles stacking and packaging options that are suitable for the needs of each increase and customer their efficiency and competitiveness.

In order to obtain well-palletized and strapped products, especially in the case of delicate materials, automation with well-calibrated processes is of absolute importance. With its encounter, Coil packaging collection has the capacity to research particular alternatives based on demands and the kind of material. Some alternatives are highlighted listed below.

Slit coil packaging lines

These constitute the ultimate phase in the machining method in slitting lines.These systems are for picking up each and every individual coil, strapping it radially and stacking it with all the growth of a heap. The stacks of coils may be evacuated specifically, strapped on to pallets, weighed, labelled and packaged on the basis of person demands. The flexibleness of such techniques makes it possible to assemble the completed product in different ways, therefore getting multiple combos like in-series stacks or celebrityformed ones.

Lines for stacking coil and sheets packing them in packages

These make up the ultimate period in the machining process in reduce-to- size lines. The linens are loaded and will be labelled, packed and weighed as outlined by the needs, use and dimensions wanted from the customer. In order to obtain finished packs ready for shipping, these operations are carried out in a completely automatic manner and in complete safety.