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In response to its busy, on-the-go consumers, the all-all-natural snack food company Funley’s Tasty has unveiled a stand up re-sealable and transportable gusset bag that ensures ideal quality and freshness. The new stretch wrapping machine packaging also now highlights its ‘no artificial anything’ substances as well as showcasing a necessary vitamins and minerals emblem alongside using a GMO free logo design.

stretch wrapping machine packaging Digest caught up with Ashley Mendel, co-founder And COO, Funley’s Tasty, to go over the modern and smooth item stretch wrapping machine packaging for your brand’s two lines of no-GMO, and trans-fat totally free on-the-go treats.

Exactly what is the determination behind Funley’s recent action in adding new stretch wrapping machine packaging?

Mendel: We not only did a stretch wrapping machine packaging refresh, but we introduced new sizes and new stretch wrapping machine packaging materials. We desired to progress our logo and provide a brand new, new clear appear consistent with marketplace trends.

For example, our Extremely Crackers series with superfood veggies hidden within was released not too long ago and was at the forefront of the stealth foods movement in the all round treat group. We actually “hid” the veggie within the stretch wrapping machine packaging images due to the fact at that time children had been scared of eating vegetables. Three years later, kids aren’t as afraid of eating veggies now, and we learned we have a broader consumer base who buys our product, so we decided to bring the veggie front and center on the package and really make it the main focus.

What design developments does your stretch wrapping machine packaging occur the treat market?

Mendel: Comfort is vital for customers nowadays. Our new Extremely Crackers 5-ounce remain-up zip pouch commences moving in the market to retailers in October. It is the only remain-up pouch inside the cracker classification-almost every other competitor continues to be in containers. However pouches are not completely new, it is actually new to this category and will enable our item to face on rack, and provide freshness and convenience to our own buyers more than our competitors.

What adjustments have you make towards the stretch wrapping machine packaging which makes it a lot more attractive?

Mendel: When evolving our brand stretch wrapping machine packaging with altering developments, we did not desire to shed our key essence in the company we recognized. We set out to offer our stretch wrapping machine packaging a cleaner appear and communication about the advantages which can be vital that you buyers now, all whilst nevertheless keeping our exciting “Funley’s” experience in the package. We additionally changed all our adaptable stretch wrapping machine packaging (stay-up bags and snack pack bags) to some flat film with pops of sparkle on the trademarks to strengthen that we really are a all-natural brand name, but also exciting!

What have been the real key goals and requirements coming from a stretch and marketing wrapping machine packaging see?

Mendel: Our goals for stretch and marketing wrapping machine packaging had been one particular and also the very same. Very first, we wanted to progress our appear and be in-line with existing market trends and demands, which we attained by refreshing our graphics to communicate crucial rewards about every product that customers value these days.

Second, by moving to matte stretch wrapping machine packaging materials, we wanted to ensure our stretch wrapping machine packaging materials were reflective of our natural brand and we achieved this. Lastly, we wished to supply convenience for our buyers, which we attained by launching other convenience pack sizes and types for active households on-the-go.