Car field coil packing lines

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Different kinds of supplies can be machined, from smooth types including aluminium and alloys, to cold and warm-rolled materials and carbon and stainless steel, as well as substantial-power components and lamination metallic.

The combinations referred to as “collection with loop” are undoubtedly by far the most flexible. The coil wrapping lines are composed of three main decoiler, feeder, machines and straightener, and are best for working delicate components (prepainted, stainless-steel) and in conjunction with high-pace presses.

Particularly suggested after it is essential to protect the surface areas and stop surface area represents which could give up the caliber of the end-product.

The flexibleness that may be applied to these coil packing lines assists you to study the most effective solution based on the customers’ certain operating requirements, depending on the industries that they belong and using the content itself as highlighted below:

Lines for subsupply

These have already been analyzed for coils of varied surface, materials, widths and dimensions finishes. CAMU can research lines in accordance with certain production demands dependant upon the quantity and quality from the material, even though the room has limitations.

Residence product industry lines

These lines have already been created for treating coils having a delicate surface area finish off. The particularity of such lines originates from the introduction of features and systems aimed at keeping the qualitative and aesthetic qualities of the coils (series with loop) as needed especially by the industry and in the end-item.

Automotive field coil packing lines

These lines have been made to deal with coils meant for producing structural components for the automobile feed and sector presses with modern passes away. If requested, capable of cutting sheet to length for feeding transfer dies, specific systems are introduced into these coil packing lines for preparing coils in hidden time and. The coils may be treatable by levellers specially engineered for eliminating inner stresses as well as for acquiring substantial piece quality as asked for through the high quality standards within the auto sector.

Lines for lamination metal

Lines specifically created for production making use of fast presses. Systems that maximize the performance in the feeder are released in to these lines as asked for from the particular industry.