Compact 50-sheet Paper Wrapper with Orbital Function

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FROMM FV300 50 Paper + Orbital Wrapper

Title: FROMM FV300-50 Paper + Orbital Wrapper: The Ultimate Solution for Efficient Long Product Wrapping



Welcome to our video showcasing the remarkable FROMM FV300-50 Semi Automatic Orbital Wrapping Machine. In this video, we will explore the exceptional features and benefits of this state-of-the-art equipment, designed specifically to wrap long products efficiently and effortlessly.

Video Content:

In this video, we delve into the incredible capabilities of the FROMM FV300-50 Paper + Orbital Wrapper. This machine revolutionizes the way long products (minimum 10 inches) are wrapped, ensuring utmost protection and stability during transportation or storage.

Through its 20-inch wide film carriage, the FV300-50 expertly secures products with precision. Its orbital wrapping technique provides a 360-degree coverage, safeguarding your valuable items from dust, moisture, and any potential damage. With its semi-automatic operation, this machine significantly improves productivity while reducing manual labor.

Key Features:

– Advanced Film Carriage: The FROMM FV300-50 is equipped with a 20-inch wide film carriage, ensuring efficient and seamless wrapping of long products.
– Orbital Wrapping Technique: This unique wrapping method offers complete protection by enveloping the product in a 360-degree manner.
– User-Friendly and Intuitive Controls: The machine’s interface allows for easy operation, ensuring hassle-free wrapping processes.
– Adjustable Tension Control: With adjustable tension settings, users can optimize the wrapping strength according to specific requirements.
– Durability and Reliability: The FV300-50 is built to last, ensuring long-term performance and minimal maintenance.


– Enhanced Product Protection: The FROMM FV300-50 ensures that your long products remain intact and pristine throughout their journey, reducing the risk of damage.
– Increased Efficiency: By automating the wrapping process, this machine saves valuable time and boosts overall productivity.
– Cost-Effective Solution: With the FV300-50, companies can reduce labor costs associated with manual wrapping while achieving optimal results.
– Versatile Application: This orbital wrapper accommodates a wide range of long products, making it suitable for various industries, including manufacturing, logistics, and distribution.


Investing in the FROMM FV300-50 Paper + Orbital Wrapper guarantees reliable and efficient long product wrapping. Its advanced features, such as the 20-inch film carriage and orbital wrapping technique, ensure maximum protection and stability. Experience the benefits of this cutting-edge machine and streamline your packaging processes today.

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“Compact Paper and Orbital Wrapper Combo: FROMM FV300 with 50-sheet Capacity”