new programming equipment for your packaging

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MOCON Inc. is the initially fully-automatic drinking water vapour transmitting price (WVTR) tests system for packaging as well as other buffer buildings. It is actually appropriate for use by food, pharmaceutical and beverage health-related product, electronic devices companies and converters, and others.

In automatic function, The PERMATRAN-W Design 3/34 allows the owner to:

Mount an exam film;

Set the temperature/family member dampness conditions and begin the exam.

Four Nationwide Institute of Technology and Standards (NIST) calibration films are saved as well as a calibration bend is generated throughout the whole range using the method?ˉs TotalCal function. MOCON promises that the use of TotalCal assures a mistake-accurate and free result each time.

More features:

Simple-to-use touchscreen;

Automated upkeep of heat, family member humidity, pressure and flow;

Capability to work 10 sequential assessments with one particular create;

GO option eliminates have to go into the very same circumstances when repeating an exam;

Larger normal water reservoirs allow exams to get conducted overnight/weekends without having owner.

Are you searching for new programming devices for the packaging operation? Take a look at these eight techniques that will be displayed in the approaching Pack Expo Worldwide 2014 show (Nov. 2-5, McCormick Location, Chicago). From inkjet to primary marking, these machines street address the recognition demands of varied marketplaces and apps.

1. DataMan 8600 handheld primary portion tag (DPM) bar computer code readers from Cognex Corp., Pack Expo Presentation area #S-2770

2. Redcube marking, coding and printing system from HAPA United states, 973-983-2700973-983-2700, Pack Expo Presentation area #S-2501c

3. RX Collection steady printing device from Hitachi The usa Ltd., Pack Expo Presentation area #N-6242

4. Optimizer KR-Widespread on-desire printer from Iconotech, Pack Expo Presentation space #E-8030

5. JET2neoS model inkjet coders from Leibinger, Pack Expo Booth #N-6309

6. Model 1050 thermal computer printer from Markem-Imaje Corp., Pack Expo Presentation space #S-2814

7. S84-ex and S86-ex print engines from SATO The united states Inc., Pack Expo Presentation area #E-8044

8. CoPilot higher-resolution computer printer from Squid Printer, Pack Expo Booth #S-2875