Pallet Shrink Stove machine

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Shrink Hood Applicator

Packaging machine that wraps a pallet weight in thermoplastic film, which can be supplied being a reel of lay flat tubular film. A length of film is closed at a single conclusion and after that placed and opened freely within the pallet fill. The pallet is then passed via a shrink tunnel or stove which is true warmth to the hood which decreases on the load and pallet. This process of pallet wrapping is used for products like bricks which must be covered with published film.

Pallet Shrink Your oven

Gear similar to a box that shrinks thermoplastic film around a pallet within a batch process. Ideal for reduced velocity programs.

Pallet Shrink Tunnel

Machine comprising a conveyor as well as a tunnel that shrinks thermoplastic film close to a pallet since it goes by with the warmed tunnel. Ideal for method and pace programs.

Pallet Shrink Framework

Packaging machine which shrinks thermoplastic film around a pallet load by moving a heated frame over the surface of the film. This is a more affordable option to a shrink oven or shrink tunnel.