Coil packaging line

the reliability of pallet wrapper

Lines for lamination steel
Lines specially designed for production using fast presses. Systems that maximize the performance of the feeder are introduced into these lines as requested by the specific market.
Lines for fine punching
Lines specially designed for working coils intended for precision production. The coils can be treated by levellers specifically designed for eliminating internal stresses and for obtaining the high piece quality requested by the quality standards in the sector.The solutions can be diversified on the basis of the specific machining needs. pallet wrapper is always able to ensure a painstaking study of the best solution and maximum flexibility of use.- greater productivity, thanks to functionality designed for transforming the tonnes of material in the high-quality finished material warehouses. A cutting-edge electrical system which is the key for increasing total performance and automating the functions that were traditionally carried out by the operator only.

– greater flexibility, necessary for machining a vast range of materials. Thanks to modular design too, the line can further increase your business through the addition of electronic and mechanical updates that are capable of transforming it into a new plant for working different coil sizes and types of material.

– the reliability of pallet wrapper products is known and constitutes a real jewel in our crown. The steel coil packing machines and machining lines have been designed with the utmost care to strength and resistance over time. The reliability and low maintenance requirements, along with the use of standard market components, permit an appreciable reduction of operating costs and optimum productivity. In the case of scheduled maintenance operations or the replacement of worn parts, pallet wrapper design makes it possible to reduce dead times thanks to construction in modular groups that are fast and simple to replace.

Aluminum profile packing line manufacturer:

It is an automatic strapping machine, . This device includes a solid style, and a system control built-in with conveyor lines. It is made from stainless-steel and runs on a 400-V, 50-Hz energy. It contains the Fhope 400 strap dispenser for strapping tapes, a fairly neutralbody weight strap getaway, a strap accumulator, and a leadingmounted closing head. Its strap lance are changeable to fulfill particular demands.

The totally automated pallet strapping machine  is stable, efficient and environmentally pleasant. Equipped with a Soni ultrasonic sealing system, it bears ca’s own technologies tag GET Within. Preferably suited for logistic processes and thanks for the optimized orbital stretch wrapper machine condition, the  quickly and dependably straps voluminous deals of numerous sizes. A strap stress balance program distributes the strap pressure equally throughout the complete bundle, which can be an advantage particularly for rigorous products. The strap pressure is the same at each and every reason for strapping, ensuring trustworthy stableness. Thanks to improved elements like the incredibly slim sealing leading platen, pallets of numerous reloading altitudes provide no worries. The orbital stretch machine flexibly bands diverse plenty. The securing top platen manufactured from page metallic is light-weight and quickly. Simultaneously it takes much less vitality to operate. Using a single base framework for that feeding process, the modular development demonstrates specifically ideal for the client. The Orbital stretch wrapper’s conveyor elevation is flexibly adjustable and also the orbital stretch machine can be easily integrated into current creation lines. Customers who spot particular value on even faster strapping can optionally upgrade their machine with a High-speedprocedure (HS).