orbital stretch wrapper and spiral wrapping machine


Orbital stretch wrapper

Orbital stretch wrapper and spiral wrapping machine

orbital stretch wrapper for panel


Yes, our company is the producer/manufacturer of corrugated pipe coils wrapping machine. Below pic. shown is just the machine we supplied for
orbital stretch wrapper¬†Ltd in last year. It designed mainly for light and small hose coils’ package.
Following are the information you needed:
1. Technical Specification of the stretch wrapper Machine
—- The machine is customized, the machine technical specification is made according to your pipe coils.
2. Offer of the Machine. for wrapping corrugated pipes from 10mm to 50mm n rolls of 50mtrs each
—- We would like know more details of your pipe coils.
3. Video of the Machine working
—- This is the video link of wrapping machine working.
4. Delivery Period
—- It is about 35 days.
Sorry, i don’t remember what is the size of your corrugated pipe coils’ specification talked before days!
Could you tell me your coils size again as below? Then i can give the detail offer and machine technical specification to you.
1. coil specification

Pipe coil
2. what is the packing material do you use? LLDPE film, HDPE/PVC film, knit belt…
3. what is the production capacity of pipe coil per day ( 8 hours working time)?
Any question, pls feel free to let me know.

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