orbital stretch wrapper and spiral wrapping machine


Orbital stretch wrapper
Orbital stretch wrapper and spiral wrapping machine

orbital stretch wrapper for panel


Yes, our company is the producer/manufacturer of corrugated pipe coils wrapping machine. Below pic. shown is just the machine we supplied for
orbital stretch wrapper Ltd in last year. It designed mainly for light and small hose coils’ package.
Following are the information you needed:
1. Technical Specification of the stretch wrapper Machine
—- The machine is customized, the machine technical specification is made according to your pipe coils.
2. Offer of the Machine. for wrapping corrugated pipes from 10mm to 50mm n rolls of 50mtrs each
—- We would like know more details of your pipe coils.
3. Video of the Machine working
—- This is the video link of wrapping machine working.
4. Delivery Period
—- It is about 35 days.
Sorry, i don’t remember what is the size of your corrugated pipe coils’ specification talked before days!
Could you tell me your coils size again as below? Then i can give the detail offer and machine technical specification to you.
1. coil specification

Pipe coil
2. what is the packing material do you use? LLDPE film, HDPE/PVC film, knit belt…
3. what is the production capacity of pipe coil per day ( 8 hours working time)?
Any question, pls feel free to let me know.
orbital stretch wrapper

Orbital stretch wrapper for furniture and wooden

Orbital stretch wrapper
Orbital stretch wrapper and spiral wrapping machine

I am a Russian trade agent in China, name Elena. Now one of my clients from Orsk (Russia) is looking for a provider of orbital stretch wrapper and packing stretch-hood machine. He need to pack freezers, so sizes of packing is 2000*500*500 mm, weight about 100 kg. I know some Russian parameters, but it can be changed:

  • Film thickness: 70-200 μm
  • Difference in thickness: ±4%
  • Sleeve width: till 1800 mm (1150+325+325 tab)
  • Perimeter of packing: till 3600 mm
  • Stretching limit: 50-100%

If u have a stretch-hood packing machine (now I am talking about packing machine, not about film) suitable for packing freezers please send me specification with FOB price to my mail:

Some information about our company:


This is Pratheek from South India.
We have a machine to be delivered from China.
As searched online, we got to know that you are the best for trade.
Well, can you please give me the details of the expenses we will have to bear for the transaction.
Our orbital stretch wrapper machinery cost is $28000 USD
Please let us know about the packing, insurance, mode of transportation and what will be your role and how can you help us with this.
Our company Plasticos manufactures plastics films in Mexico, including stretch hood film for orbital stretch wrapping machine.

We are interested in your stretch hood machines for our own use, and for distribution in the future. At the moment we are interested in buying one of them.

Please send us:
1) technical information.
2) quotation FOB mexican port ( Manzanillo)

Thank you in advance for your atention.