automatic strapping machine for MDF Panel

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  • The strapping table will receive the package at transverse strapping position and this will be placed in the centre of the strapping table by some rollers and these rollers are activate by one electric gear motor.
  • The strapping table has integrate a rotary system to place the package at longitudinal strapping position and this movement is powered by one electric gear motor. To control the position of the strapping table, there are some detectors.
  • To perform the longitudinal strapping, there are two guides to introduce the strap in the below part of the package to be strapped.
  • The strapping table is mounted on a carriage and it has a lateral movement powered by other electric gear motor. It is necessary to rotate the package to perform each longitudinal strapping. To control the position of the carriage, there are some detectors.
  • The Automatic Strapping Machine will be situated on the +0/-0 level at customer plant to a 90º from the strapping table position.
  • The Strapping Machine is on a carriage that has a lateral movement to place the machine in each longitudinal strapping position. This movement is powered by electric gear motor and the position of it is controlled by some sensors.
  • The strapping head has a vertical movement powered by an electric gear motor in order to approach to the package to be strapped. The speed of the vertical movement is controlled by a variator.
  • To introduce the wood batten in its guide at the strapping position, there is a pusher powered by an electric gear motor with brake incorporated situated in the wood battens feeding position.
  • The introduction of the wood batten is done with the pusher through the guide placed above the strap guide. In the guide for wood battens there are two pneumatic cylinders to hold the wood batten in its position.
  • The strapping machine has a system to introduce two corner protectors with the strap at the upper part in two sides of the package (for the transverse and longitudinal strapping). This system is composed 6 pneumatic cylinders to displace the corner protector to the strapping position, hold the corner protector and to displace it to the package.
  • The automatic strapping machine can work in FULLY AUTOMATIC Mode without human intervention.
  • A electric cabinet is possible for the operator to perform the movements in manual mode or in automatic mode. The control desk carries a screen programmed so the operator can see through the screen the status of the machine, see the failures in images that may occur, etc.