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Pac StrappingInc and Products, in Exton Pa, is glad to broaden its provides in 2013. In addition to growing our achieve into some thrilling new market segments, we’ve just launched new substantial power polyester items that may benefit our shipping and delivery customers in a wide variety of applications.

Very first, we have been now supplying 1″ by .050″ Polyester strapping. This weighty-obligation plastic-type strapping holds optimum crack power of three,000 lbs. and is ideal for your biggest loads. This sector of the market has long been the domain of steel strapping, as we have mentioned before. With the introduction of our new 1″ by .050″ polyester strapping, we know a lot more individuals will change from metallic to a lot more reliable and expense-effective plastic strapping.

Another large move for PAC this coming year is the introduction of more warmth close off-authorized, high strength polyester strapping. We look ahead to expanding our impact within this expanding market.

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Once regarded as a death market, railroads are generating a recovery. Annually, America’s freight railroads generate $265 billion dollars altogether economic activity and help 1.2 million vital careers across the country. These same railroads have put in $480 billion dollars that belongs to them cash on our country’s structure plus they intend on incorporating 15,000 much more careers this season by yourself. Planes and trucks might get all the press, but trains drive the economy.

So that you can dispatch products in open best rail automobiles, you have to safe all of them with Us Organization of Railroads’ approved straps. In case your strapping lacks an AAR quantity (our quantity is 65), it should not be used in specific apps. Obviously, obtaining an AAR number stamped on your strapping is not as easy as just asking and paying a cost; you have to send free samples that this AAR then puts through a rigorous series of quality and safety exams. It really is a significant process because there is no space for error when it comes to open up best rail cargo.

At PAC Strapping, we are proud that numerous our products bring the AAR stamp of acceptance. In fact, we merely recently acquired new certifications for the friction-welded strapping and our heat-welded strapping. Not only because it means our strapping goes where others cannot, but also because it is another example of PAC’s commitment to consistency and quality, this is a big deal.