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Utilizing plastic material stretch wrapping machine and Strapping over metal stretch wrapping machine and Strapping will save your business funds – It’s unsurprising to discover that plastic is actually lighter than metallic; So, just how does which affect your stretch wrapping machine and Strapping needs?

Here’s a relatively standard demonstration of just how the distinction in excess weight between plastic and steel stretch wrapping machine and Strapping may possibly transform the way you work.

For argument’s sake, let’s say you make use of 40″ x 48″ pallets. For each pallet you will need to use 4 bands to throughout each aspect, which would require that you use 61.3 feet of strap. Of course, nothing in life is actually best. Realistically you have some overlap, so we goes with 65′ for the calculations. Here’s where the distinction between steel and plastic really sticks out.

Steel – Making use of Andfrac34;” by.020″ will demand 3.31 pounds. of metal.

Polyester – Making use of 5/8″by .035″ a very frequent substitute will demand only .8 pounds. of polyester.

There you may have it. 3.31 weight versus just .8 weight. If you choose steel, you are automatically adding 4 times the weight to your pallets. That is a lot of excess weight when you find yourself the one who must spend the money for shipping and delivery costs. In addition, you’ll will need weightier gear to move and ship every one of those pallets. The bottom line is that before you even get to all the other benefits of plastic stretch wrapping machine and Strapping , the sheer cost savings makes it the right choice.