stretch machine operator attaches the film

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Higher PROFILE W-N-W is actually a sturdy wrapper supported, designed and manufactured to offer you difficulty free of charge functioning.

The stretch machine operator attaches the film to the pallet fill and starts the stretch wrapping routine .The EZ-Fill film pre-stretch element expands the film from 150Per cent to 300Per cent (200Percent normal). When the cover period is complete, the immediately tears the film and connects the tail for the wrapped fill. The stress has become considered in the turntable by means of the 4 digital fill cellular material built into the turntable which offer a digital readout on the receiver constructed onto the Manage Panel. The pallet can now be taken off the turntable.

YSTEM Installment

The Wrap-N-Consider models are shipped as two items made up of the tower area and the turntable/level portion. After placement, a simple disconnect plug links the 2 sections with each other.

The turntable/range section mandates that the scale pucks be assembled to the firm attached fill cellular material and therefore the stretch wrapping machine degree modified to permit the scale to read appropriately. Right after plug in, the owner manual will show you the whole program start-up. The level segment will personal-calibrate during this period. Once the product is installed correctly, it will work as a free standing device.


Tablet pc Choices: Tablet pc Choice 1, Contains all electronic digital files, schematic, BOM and manual components website link quick reduce, quit watch conversion process work schedule FA reports for certain pallet wrapping machine as well as an stretch wrapper GMAIL account for our most recent campaigns

Tablet computer Alternative 2, Tablet pc 1 in addition to the QSI personal instruction module for the table to work as a personal coaching instrument