stretch wrapping for and strapping machine

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It is the world’s largest industrial packaging products manufacturers, enjoy high reputation in the field of global industrial packaging, customers in the iron and steel, nonferrous metals, paper, cotton, chemical fiber and other industrial fields. CIGNA is a bundle of pioneer zone of packaging industry, the current steel tape, plastic tape standard source of confidence Connaught standards, it also laid the CIGNA leadership in the horizontal stretch wrapper packaging industry.
The scope of supply
Packing method: manual, semi-automatic, fully automatic
Strap material: plastic PET/PP belt, steel strip
Buckle: steel buckle: bite (forward or reverse), extrusion
Buckle free: triple buckle free, four key buckle free (a key for the reverse lock)
Welding: laser, hot melt, friction
Product manual (download)
Application results
Application field
Bundling objects
The strap type
Interlocking way
Head type
Metal industry
Iron and steel plant, aluminum
Coil, sheet, profiles, wire rod, tube and rod steel, PET Steel buckle, buckle free, welding, M410 PRHR, VT, PFH, SPC, AK200
Non metal industry
Papermaking factory
Paper, cardboard strip, PETx Deduction, welding
Fiber industry
Cotton, wool, viscose, polyester, nylon, acrylic, polyurethane, polyvinyl alcohol, polypropylene fiber with PET????? M634/658 welding, VTI, BST+PT
Building materials industry
Fiber board, gypsum board, wood, stone, brick, floor strip, PET Welding, steel buckle, buckle free BST+PT???,? SLP?,? SCM?, VT?
The printing industry
Newspapers, books and periodicals?? PP??? Welding?? LBX?, HBX?
Project case
One, the metal industry
Metal rolling factory, production of coil, sheet, profiles, tubes, wire rod and other products, in the transport process of the need for product packing, CIGNA bundling machine in steel strapping market accounted for more than 70% of the market. Metal engineering company of international repute, such as SMS, Danieli, CMI, Siemens are long-term cooperative partner of the Cigna Corporation, involves bundling process section including hot-rolled, cold-rolled, galvanized, acid rolling, continuous annealing, coating, cutting, trimming, high coiled bars and so on. In the domestic large-scale iron and steel plant are basic CIGNA bundling tool in a continuous and reliable operation.
Coil single head Zhou Xiangquan automatic strapping machine
Coil double head Zhou Xiangquan automatic strapping machine
Coil circumferential top automatic strapping machine
Coil eyes to the automatic strapping machine
Automatic strapping machine wire coil
Automatic strapping machine pipe
Automatic strapping machine profiles
Automatic strapping machine plate
Automatic strapping machine bar
Automatic strapping machine for aluminum ingot
Two, non metal industry
Brick automatic strapping machine??? Tile automatic strapping machine
Automatic cotton baler??? Stone automatic strapping machine
Wood automatic strapping machine??? Wood manual bundling machine
Building automatic strapping machine??? Carton automatic strapping machine
The electrical appliances automatic strapping machine