the safety of packaging materials

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Third, new packaging materials business opportunities

Due to packaging and food and beverage packaging of agricultural products and exports of electronic products packaging difference, realizing sustainable development of green low environmental urgency, the future of packaging material will render the following five characteristics:

1-clueless, lightweight packaging material. Lightweight packaging material, packaging in conditions of protection, convenience, sales and other functions, should be minimized. Low weight and high strength of nano-packaging, thin plastic packaging material market will become new Favorites.

2, the safety of packaging materials used. An endless stream of reports in recent years about poor packing “carcinogenic PVC cling film storm,” “plasticizers”, “BPA” in terms of food safety, such as harm to human beings. Does not contain Bisphenol a polyethylene Terephthalic acid dimethyl ester (PET) resin, biodegradable food grade polyethylene plastic, edible starch in food packaging, plastic packaging materials, such as will cut catches.

3, packaging materials for environmental protection. For traditional plastic packaging materials can’t Digest has been regarded as the enemy of environmental protection, in recent years, Wal-Mart, Procter and Gamble, Dell and other world-renowned companies are abandoning no degradation for plastic packaging materials. The next few years, is not degradable plastic packing material will be gradually replaced by environmentally friendly packaging material. Plantic company reduce the production of Bio-plastics packaging material, product component 90% for corn starch. Germany BASF introduced biodegradable polyester resin and can be used for film production. Italy A-MUT the company’s extrusion foamed PP sheet foam products to date.

4, packaging materials intelligence. With the advent of industrial 4.0, development and application of intelligent packaging materials, will become the new trend of development of food packaging, and has huge market potential. Can be expected, intelligent packaging used for food in the future will contain more sophisticated, remotely readable non-visual information. Security tags and radio frequency identification (RFID) tags are electronic tags, in addition to product identification information, date of production, other than price, RFID tags can be used as time-temperature, leakage, or indicator of freshness.

5, packaging material forms of novelty, diversity and flexibility. Market competition makes the difference between similar products in decreasing homogeneity of commodity use value progressively increases, product sales packaging showing effects of external dependence is increasing. Packaging materials on the market demand, have also presented significant diversity, richness of features, which is reflected in the type of raw material, shape and structure, texture, texture and combination compared to each other. Some designers creatively use deformation, hollow, combined approach to enrich the material appearance of the new image of the given, emphasized the aesthetic value of material design.

Four, intelligent food packaging and processing machinery with high speed prospects

Rapid development of the mobile Internet, Internet of things spawned “industrial 4.0” era of, and supporting a variety of intelligent packaging equipment will become the industry’s direction. New packaging machinery will lead the industry towards integrated, high efficiency, intelligent direction.

The next few years, industrial robots, micro-electronics, computers, and intelligent image sensing technology will also be used more and more widely used packaging machinery automation. In this packaging machinery, computer as its brain, replacing the conventional control system. Packaging parameters of a variety of instruments, meters, sensors, and feedback to the brain (microprocessor), and commands to perform actions institutions necessary to complete the packaging operation. In order for packaging machinery has good flexibility and agility, increased intelligence, technology would require a lot of microcomputer technology, modules and modular forms.