Pallet wrapping machine

automatic robot stretch wrapper

stretch wrapping machine
automatic pallet wrapping machine


Robot pallet Stretch wrapper machines are used to wrap stretch film around a loaded pallet. Film provides extra support while the products are being transported & storage to protect them from tip, spill or from being damaged. The Robot pallet wrapper with stretch film packaging are good quality and reliable.
The advantage with our wrapping Robots are following:
1) No need installation and commissioning.
2) No limit for pallet size in any dimension.
3) No limit for pallet load and product in any form and shape
4) No limit for wrap pallet and products in any weight
5) No limit for packaging film
6) No limit for moving inside your warehouse
8) Quick packing withunmanned operation
9) The Wrapping is good stability


Technical Features:


The automatic robotic wrapper is doing wrapping packaging without limiting in size, height,and weight of product. Wrapping speed is fast that wrapper.

The designing is special for transportation package with easy maintain and opertion.


Weight 325 Kg Bottary 230 V – 50/60 Hz – 1 PH Min.

pallet size 600 x 600 mm

Max.Height of package 2100 mm

Turning speed 1-16R/min

Pre-stretch 350%

Up Wrapping setting 1-10r

Down wrapping seting 1-10r

Sensor control: adjustable


Film carriage

l         Powered pre-stretch system up to 200% to min film consumption(Prestretch ratio can be specially made according your requirements.)

l         Carriage door opens for effortless roll change and thread film

l         Film delivery variable speed by separate DC Drive Motor

l         Film dancer-bar with variable speed output

l         Heavy duty double-chain carriage lift, calm and safety

Coil packaging line

coil master wrapper

Coil master
Coil master
Coil master
Coil master


III. Important Alert for coil master

  1. Abuse will lead to serious result.<0}
  2. Do have the machine grounded.<0}

III. In the event of urgent failure occurrence, do shut off or cut off power supply, and then carry out relevant troubleshooting operations after safety confirmation. <0}

  1. Never modify the control program and relevant parameter settings of this machine without authorization.


  1. Never tear off various signs marked on the machine.<0}
  2. Never open the electrical box when the machine is working.

VII. In the case of the lifting and lowering of unpackaged object, do ensure safe, steady and orderly operation, and unpackaged object’s collision with the machine shall be strictly forbidden. <0}

VIII. Standing under the running path of the objects is forbidden.

Ⅸ. Do not wear long hair, long gown or other long garments to avoid being involved into the machine.

  1. Examination and maintenance the machine regularly, to make sure the machine is in normal, safe and stable.
  2. Adding other equipments on the machine unauthorized is not allowed. Otherwise it will lead to abnormal working of the machine, even more serious consequences.

XII. Make sure to connect the earth wire correctly during welding work in the machine, otherwise the other electrical components will be damaged.

XIII. Never remove or broken the signal device after installation.

XIV. The unpackaged object and packing material must be placed in a right way.

  1. Cutting off the general power supply arbitrarily is forbidden.

XVI. Trigger the signal device during machine working for any reason is forbidden in coil master wrapping.

XVII. Never put tools or other object on the coil master wrapper machine.

XVIII. Some inappropriate operation also will lead to bad consequence.

Coil packaging line

Coil master packaging machine

Coil master wrapper
Coil master wrapper





This machine can be used to conduct relatively closed packaging for different dimensions of metal coils or coiled unpackaged objects, such as aluminum coil steel coil, steel belt so as to play a role of anti-rust, waterproof, dustproof, anti-damage and anti-aging etc.


The packing material mating with this machine can be use stretch film, high-quality compound knit packing tape.


  2. This automatic packing system is composed of blocker roller stations,

guide rail, main engine/machine, trolley, hydraulic system, shuttle, U-type orbital, packing material release & storage station, automatic mechanical hand, signal detection system, electric circuit system, electric cabinet and etc.

  1. Automatic precise orientation system, shift the blocker roller station

automatically and orientate the coils’ center automatically. Avoiding tedious operations and bad results caused by inaccurate orientation manually.

  1. Adopt three axes association structure, which is suitable for different size

of coils’ package.

  1. Special packing material release & storage device, easy & convenient

& fast to exchange the packing material as needed.

  1. Mechanical hand cutting packing material automatically, to reduce

the packing material cutting time and enhance the packing efficiency greatly.

  1. Multiple safe signal detection device, make sure the machine is safe and

induction precise during working.

  1. The trolley is controlled by hydraulic system, stable, safe and reliable.

8. PLC & HMI program control system combines with buttons operation. Up to 30 groups of parameter setting can be input & preserved & auto-exchanged.





quality and packing

Reducing dangers in rebranding programs

The bundle goods market teems with creative and smart men and women, so use of tips will not be challenging. But new product disappointments can get to approximately 80 percent, and with out having the ability to understand the results of development, the C-suite?ˉs apprehension towards investing in it is not surprising.

The real challenge depends on how these tips get filtered down to the choose few with the highest probability of achievement ?a and I imply actual market good results, not simply investigation challenge prices.

Utopian industry research and insights details will be like investing in a lotto solution, knowing you will have the successful quantity. But, up to these days, the conventional analysis equipment for figuring out concept assortment by consumers was unstable at finest. This really is no fault on scientists part. If you pay for someone?ˉs opinion, and he or she is predisposed to participating in research, your study is already biased and steering in the wrong direction, we all know that. The burning necessity of any online marketer is to get the correct information that allow her or him to create the correct decision with a projectable and reasonable end result. Eventually, to have the right selectionproducing enter lies the main thing on controlling the potential risk of advancement.

Speeding up time and energy to marketplace

A little while ago, a whole new item could order big industry talk about and a significant timeframe to maintain its very competitive benefit. However, those days of long-term sustainable market leadership through packaging and product innovation are gone, and competition is able to catch up to the new product within months. You do not need to look further than the smartphone industry to see how fast, irrespective of the advance price, rivals can catch and match the innovative features of their rivals. The web result is the constant need to innovate simply to prevent commoditization. To make certain brand names stay relevant, brand name marketers these days are looking at more effective ways to speed up their go-to-marketplace process.

Staying away from the commoditization capture

The previous proverb ?°If you put on?ˉt innovate, you die?± could not any truer these days. Marketers continually fight company commoditization, and merchants like Target and Walmart even penalize package items producers for absence of advancement. With the growth of private label and the investment in house brands, not only do marketers need to worry about being commoditized by retailers and competitors, but also they have to face an additional challenge the one of business model disruptions. For instance, Nespresso developed industry interruption and a whole new company practical experience as a brand new business structure along with a special method of developing commitment ?a delivery replacement products directly to the shoppers, and stores helping the company as systems to get much more customers for the Nespresso Membership. For brand entrepreneurs, the necessity to continue to be appropriate and command larger margins is probably the most difficult challenges these days.


customer connection by packaging

Regaining control of the customer connection

Merchants, with their big data understanding and robust retail store loyalty applications, now management more of the consumersrelationship, yet it?ˉs more difficult for packed products internet marketers to achieve a strong comprehension of customersneeds. Social media and online marketing have helped to bridge this gap, but the challenge of understanding customer segments, behaviors and profiles remains. Without nourishing this essential information set up on an continuing basis, internet marketers are very well behind retailers in understanding and nimbleness in addressing the consumer nuances available in the market.


Going forward, the insight remedy for internet marketers is a scientific one particular, and I think the subsequent would be the important technical components which will help brand name entrepreneurs fulfill their needs and minimize future packaging challenges:

Consumer neuroscience investigation

The advent of neuroscience in customer study grants or loans further ideas into how tips impact the key parts of the mind and allows experts to discover the neural information for customer behavior. The opportunity to record brain activity via neuroimaging modern technology makes it possible to decide a consumer?ˉs nonconscious reactions to a new packaging concept. This can be a key factor that will determine the real predictive conduct of buyer preferences and choice. Although this is an rising practice, companies like Nielsen with its NeuroFocus technique are making it simpler for marketers to make use of this method. They will provide a better direction on hierarchy of communication and potential tactile dimensions, as these technologies become more cost effective. They will enable brand marketers to gain better insights during the package design selection process, and they will be able to select the option that truly connects with consumers as well.

With the release of portable mind scanning devices, the video gaming market will transfer neuroscience coming from a research laboratory surroundings towards the aisle. The increase of neurotechnology within the game playing market will also have an affect on the way we use similar technology in buyer study, where scientists should be able to track respondents?ˉ responses to packaging in actualcommunity options.

three dimensional publishing

The capacity for customers to imagine an understanding in the most final form has historically been challenging and extremely slow. The creation of Lucite bottle mockups gave consumers a feel of the shape, but in most cases this is where the experience ended. With all the development of 3 dimensional laser printers, creative designers can quickly give customers a sensible take a look at the stretch wrapper packaging within the nearfinal stage.

With 3D stamping, entrepreneurs will be able to speed up a busy schedule-to-market procedure by reducing time during the iterative design phase and permit far better research ideas through providing nearer-to-marketplace stimuli. The technology has also come to be incredibly inexpensive, enhancing the capability of developing distinctive package style styles and gaining a better knowledge of just how the new shapes feel and perform at the disposal of buyers.


packaging and stretch wrapepr

Mental investigation We work with Hotspex, an international study company which includes developed the opportunity to evaluate stretch wrapper packaging ideas depending on the buyer? ˉs psychological effect. It is really an crucial dimension, as increasing numbers of than 50 % of all the obtain choices by consumers are done emotionally. In categories such as fragrance, vehicles and fashion, the psychological measurement plays an infinitely more critical role. The use of psychological aspects in research gives designers and marketers with the capability of figuring out possible white colored spots or weak points in fighting brands, which can be more leveraged from the style and stretch wrapper packaging process. For internet marketers, the opportunity to understand the psychological worth of the different bundle design alternatives enables deeper insights on which will resonate with customers more efficiently at the shelf level, exactly where needs are changed into psychological wishes. Digital shelf settings Every retailer has its own planogram setting, which positions a significant problem based on how the new package deal style will stand out in the rack. New professional services including Explorer Team enable the development of simulated rack settings, leveraging possibly real world lighting fixtures and merchandise or projection systems that enable customers to look every single conceivable merchant? ˉs aisles. Customers make 80 percent of their buying decisions on the rack stage within the blink of your eye, therefore the capability of finding out how the brand new stretch wrapper packaging options stand out at shelf level represents a crucial part of minimizing the danger to get a new package deal style. This type of research tool enables internet marketers to know just how the customer stores the course, do you know the crucial route-to-obtain make use of factors, what are the crucial shopability elements that travel buy, and what key elements in the package help push differentiation and visibility. Eyesightkeeping track of modern technology We now have lately undergone a significant stretch wrapper packaging system design and style project for a big merchant that protected some 1,500 goods. It absolutely was essential to know very well what elements of the stretch wrapper packaging stood out, where the customers very first appeared around the stretch wrapper packaging, and exactly how they navigated the various emails. The investigation firm leveraged a reside shelf set and a set of eyemonitoring eyeglasses, which give the opportunity to plainly be aware of the consumer? ˉs eyes activity inside the category and also on the given stretch wrapper packaging. The hardware made a great progress way, making it easier for in-shop study, where the entire buying encounter can be taken into account. Design and style customization A long period back, we handled a stretch wrapper packaging task for a main brewery, which allowed customers to customize their beer bottles to a existence milestone. The progression in electronic digital stamping permitted this task as a large achievement. Since then, this process has changed to get leveraged as part of short shrink label print out work stretch wrapper packaging applications. We utilized this technologies for a advertising stretch wrapper packaging program for Corona? ˉs summer season campaign, where we designed twelve special jar tags depicting dynamic drawings of seaside scenes. This system succeeded since the cost and speed to advertise made it feasible to the company internet marketer. With the requirement for personality and the consumer love for gathering memorabilia, anticipate seeing a development in this stretch wrapper packaging region. Receptive foods basic safety labels Each retailers and consumers will always be extremely worried about both liability and loss of have confidence in when meals recalls take place. One of many developments is at gelatin-centered hit represents, a bio-reactive substance that degrades on the very same rate as the food inside the bundle. Another advent is definitely the development of tracking methods like ? °Thisfish,? ± that enables consumers to scan a quick response code using their mobile phones to recognize key salient information on where and how the product was captured. This can be common in Europe: Plans like ? °Trace ? ?n Encounter? ± permit buyers see information about the meals suppliers as well as trace the products returning to the producer in the case of toxic contamination. This sets better details to the palms of clients, allowing them to have the correct options at shelf, while getting greater value to the brands using these developments. Summary Entrepreneurs today have effective, technologymotivated equipment at their removal that assist them make far better package design choices, speed up the release of new stretch wrapper packaging tips, and enhance their identified benefit with the successful usage of innovation that fits the requirements of buyers. We will see an increased presence of innovative stretch wrapper packaging solutions at shelf level, as these advancements in technology become and improve more widely used by marketers in the package design process.

Shrinking stretch wrapper and infor

Car has become offering its top quality Very first Location Finish off vehicle care program, which is designed to guard the interior and exterior of automobiles, to automobile dealerships throughout america. The sellers consequently re-sell the device, mainly to buyers of leading vehicles by suppliers like Lexus, Mercedes and BMW.

The task: Last year SHRINK wrapping introduced a redesign of its brand, from logo design to site, to project a much more upscale and distinctive company image. It started out the overhaul with the First Place Complete car care kit.

You will find five items in the vehicle attention method kit: Exterior Renewer, Sudsless Textile Cleaner, Vinyl & Leather-based Conditioner, Car Rinse Completely focus and Normal water Foundation Wheel Getting dressed. The bottles are packaged inside an appealing simulated natural leather situation designed and sourced for MetroTech by packaging, display and signage techniques supplier Consortium 360.

MetroTech?ˉs goal was to continue to task a ?°hard?± appearance invoking the steel and chrome that could feel car lovers while refining the business appearance of the previously kits into a more technical appear.

?°We have gotten the same brand name graphics and packaging for over fifteen years,?± claims Steve Kessel, MetroTech?ˉs main financial official, ?°and the vehicle treatment package packaging got a commercial look. That seem to be was intentional, because we were coping with cars ¨C¨C goods created using metallic and chrome. But this season we made the decision it was time to focus on our line a lot more carefully to the customers in the high end vehicles we are concentrating on.?±

The remedy: SHRINK wrapping worked well closely with TricorBraun, among The United States?ˉs top suppliers of bottles, jars and other rigid packaging parts, to create the newest custom bottles from the 5portion car care method, and with marketing advisor Red-colored Moon Advertising to redesign the First Place Complete logo and package visuals.

The newest 12oz. bottles created by orbital stretch wrappe replace the previous kit‘s easy round container having an octagonal bottle which is shaped with brought up ribs on both sides for a safer grasp as well as including creatively to the all round technical style concept.

That concept is further bolstered with sterling silver and black shrink sleeve labels that conspicuously show the newest Initially Place Finish off logo and determine each item descriptor. stretch wrapper and sleeve maker Atlantic Packaging collaborated to obtain the wanted ultimate tag appearance in the intricate jar condition.


packaging machine and material

As opposed to the way it may sound, maple syrup drinking water is not really normal water with maple syrup additional (although I am going to confess, that sounds excellent to me). Maple water is drinking water that has been normally filtered by maple trees and shrubs, which provides it a casually wonderful preference and fortifies it with vitamins and minerals.

Two brands seem to be vying for the king of maple syrup water position – Vertical Water wrapper and DRINKmaple – and they market disparate messages with their branding, as of now. Both are packaged in cardboard boxes, but Vertical Water espouses a sustainability message, claiming that “sharing the maple water from forest owners’ trees gives them a financially viable reason for keeping their trees vertical longer” while DRINK maple purports that you should drink its maple water to “hydrate and nourish your body the same way it nourishes the maple trees.”

And talking about cardboard containers, it appears as though there is a major bottle backlash going on. The encased drinking water pattern was kicked away from with a brand known as “Boxed Water is Better,” which introduced in 2009 and offers its drinking water in a tiny container similar to a milk products carton, proclaiming that it is better for your atmosphere. The appearance of these boxes is refreshingly easy, offering bold letters which make it very clear that normal water is inside of, and a small water decrease to advance push that point residence. I undoubtedly appeared two times the 1st time I discovered this carton on the café counter-top. But in all honesty, it will feel innately unusual to drink water away from what is apparently a whole milk package. When I got past that, nonetheless, it was just classic normal water, in a new and environmentally lasting package deal.

Packaging information

Back after i was growing up, the only normal water stretch wrapper I ever drank originated from the kitchen basin. I didn?ˉt know what it was, partially because my parents didn’t pay for water and partially because I didn?ˉt speak French, though every once in a while, I’d go to a friend?ˉs house or a restaurant and see a bottle of water with the name Evian or Perrier across the front.

But then, inside the past due 80s, a brand new normal water company, Poland Springtime, showed up on the scene, and by the initial 90s, the marketplace became saturated (pun intended) with brand names like DASANI, Aquafina and FIJI Normal water. These oceans have been differentiated by their company accounts, which were featured on the packaging, rather than the way they tasted.

Evian was known as the very first high quality stretch wrapper drinking water; drinking it forecasted a specific kind of Reagan-time money. Poland Spring season was earthier and has come from a spring season in Maine (despite the fact that that supply recently been debated). Aquafina, using its unique-sounding but hazy name, was Pepsi?ˉs try to snag a number of water in bottles?ˉs industry talk about, and DASANI a just as vague ?a was Coca-Cola?ˉs attempt to contest with Pepsi in water arena.

Then, in the early 2000s, drinking water went from just as being a commodity to as being a interpersonal badge. Designer normal water joined the arena with slick stretch wrapper machine packaging and dear prices. VOSS, with its slender glass containers, SEI, which started in a jar similar to a flask, and T? Nant, in brilliant blue containers that appeared excellent on the windowsill, all created folks appear twice and drop into their wallets.

However with the proliferation in the organic motion, consumers began to expect a lot more out of their products, water incorporated. Enter in flavoured and vitamin supplementwealthy seas like vitaminwater, which not only provided on taste but in addition on nutrients and vitamins with endbenefit item titles like ?°energy?± and ?°multi-v.?±

Coconut drinking water was the next craze, a potassium-wealthy refreshment with To the south American origins, backed through the enjoys of Madonna and Demi Moore. The product claimed to get a lot more potassium than a banana as well as cure particular ailments.


Automatic Supply Business Info

we offer numerous solutions to help you be as effective as is possible.

We now have the following features:

In-home manufacturing and design capabilities.

Machine and collection set up.

Revamp of existing line equipment (to increase velocity or capability).

Repair present gear.

Automatic Supply Business (), Inc., an ISO 9001: 2000 qualified manufacturer and designer of coil handling and press providing automation devices, and Heinrich Georg GmbH Maschinenfabrik (Kreuztal, Germany), an ISO 9001 qualified manufacturer of coil processing and completing machine and lines resources has announced the development of Georg Automated Supply (GAF) Ltd., a joints enterprise company to be based in Columbus, Ohio. GAF will initially focus on providing coil handling gear towards the steel service and industry centres such as duty forsales and engineering, product development, task maintenance, installation, management, controls and service requirements.

“To compete successfully in today’s manufacturing marketplace, it is crucial to possess global capacity,” mentioned Automated Feed Company Chief executive Kim Beck. “Forming a joint endeavor with a nicelyrespected business, like Georg, enables both businesses to grow into new marketplaces without having the expense of building completely new infrastructures. We are pumped up about the expansion chance that GAF brings to us equally.”

“Our businesses complement one another well,” commented Tag Georg, Common Supervisor, Heinrich Georg GmbH. “Both are executives in their businesses with Automated Nourish having a strong presence in the Us auto OEM Georg and market with excellent capacity in supplying European metallic service facilities. Our joint ability allows GAF to supply condition-of-the-art work slitters, multiple-blanking machines and handling lines for the Usa service facilities. This will be an excellent addition to the United states equipment suppliers.”

Beck added the similar qualification of the two organizations have aided the joint enterprise come together effortlessly. Each organizations have been set up inside the past due 1940’s and are familyowned and ran.

The GAF Columbus workplace will manage revenue and a few services needs. Manufacturing and engineering assistance will likely be provided through the Automatic Nourish Heinrich and Company Georg GmbH. This is actually the 2nd joints endeavor company that AFCo has declared in 2006.