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As opposed to the way it may sound, maple syrup drinking water is not really normal water with maple syrup additional (although I am going to confess, that sounds excellent to me). Maple water is drinking water that has been normally filtered by maple trees and shrubs, which provides it a casually wonderful preference and fortifies it with vitamins and minerals.

Two brands seem to be vying for the king of maple syrup water position – Vertical Water wrapper and DRINKmaple – and they market disparate messages with their branding, as of now. Both are packaged in cardboard boxes, but Vertical Water espouses a sustainability message, claiming that “sharing the maple water from forest owners’ trees gives them a financially viable reason for keeping their trees vertical longer” while DRINK maple purports that you should drink its maple water to “hydrate and nourish your body the same way it nourishes the maple trees.”

And talking about cardboard containers, it appears as though there is a major bottle backlash going on. The encased drinking water pattern was kicked away from with a brand known as “Boxed Water is Better,” which introduced in 2009 and offers its drinking water in a tiny container similar to a milk products carton, proclaiming that it is better for your atmosphere. The appearance of these boxes is refreshingly easy, offering bold letters which make it very clear that normal water is inside of, and a small water decrease to advance push that point residence. I undoubtedly appeared two times the 1st time I discovered this carton on the café counter-top. But in all honesty, it will feel innately unusual to drink water away from what is apparently a whole milk package. When I got past that, nonetheless, it was just classic normal water, in a new and environmentally lasting package deal.