Paper and export wood packing material

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E-commerce section of “double 11” in sight, the express industry would peak again. For consumers, receives another parcel is happy, but also have a little trouble: Flash in layers of packaging boxes split up a lot of trouble, split after the end of the cardboard boxes, plastic bags and a waste of resources and environmental pollution, often end up throwing it off.
Prevalent in online shopping today, the waste of resources caused by the delivery carton-obvious. Data show that every 1 ton of recycled paper can build 850 kg of paper can save 300 kg of wood, reduce pollution than equivalent production 74%. reporter learned that, as domestic express service’s review of the measurement of greenhouse gas emissions through, as the consumption of packaging materials, old express and courier companies are exploring new way of packaging. This year, the 1th shop, I bought a net electrical contractor has taken the lead in encouraging consumer participation, test water recycling of packaging materials, or the use of new environment-friendly packaging materials. However, the express companies trying to secondary use packaging material does not smooth the way.
1 recycled cartons received 50 points
“Each recycling a 1th shop box, you can get 50 points. “This is the 1th shop involved in the packaging recovery of consumer feedback. 1th shop is the first shipped cartons via reward points to encourage consumer participation in recycling of electrical contractor, and named it “1 environmental protection. Carton recycling “program. At present, the scheme has covered the 1th shop in Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Guangzhou and Shenzhen in nearly 20 cities, including free delivery area.
According to the 1th shop Vice President Liu Hongbin’s introduction, user sign 1th proprietary orders parcel post, place an empty cardboard box shop 1th, delivery staff, namely a carton recycling activities to participate in. Each recycled a cardboard box, you will receive the 1th shop 50 points. Points can be used to purchase products, participate in a lucky draw, for deduction coupons. Reporters at the 1th shop points Mall, buy merchandise category and brand-rich, the threshold is not too high. For example, five hundred or six hundred score, you can buy a large bottle of imported milk or a large bag of coffee; if the score accumulated thousands of, imports of food and bedding, daily necessities, and many other options. Because many consumers a single order carton quantities more than one, so the “make up” for gifts the threshold is not high. Reporters also found that couriers in the door-to-door distribution 1th shop parcel, will take the initiative to inform the carton recycling activities. When courier takes reporters after packing quickly in his own account which were scanned the Web site integration.
Liu Hongbin said that the launching of this activity, both because of lower operating costs, and electrical contractor in charity and social responsibility to take the lead, take concrete actions to advance the cause of environmental protection and encourage more ordinary people with little effort involved in environmental causes. “Delivery carton cost is not low, but very low scrap prices, each only a few cents. So, pay big money Enterprise procurement boxes are worthless in the eyes of consumers, a significant number of consumers will not deliberately recycling. “He says here and discarded cardboard boxes take up space, but will also affect the environment, launched after carton recycling scheme, companies can recycle the cardboard filters eligible continued to use and is not suitable for reuse, unified access to recycling channels.
1th shop carton recycling scheme has been started from the beginning of this year, has stepped up its promotion in the near future. Especially with the courier came into the promotion, carton recoveries and higher, the plan indicates that the market is still relatively high degree of recognition. Data displayed, this year in January-September, 1th, shop total recycling carton more than 2.46 million over, monthly recycling more than 270,000 over; which from full started of July began, monthly recycling number has over 340,000 a, chain half growth over 41.8%. and latest statistics displayed, September carton recycling project total received carton 408,000 a, single orders of recovery over 20%, carton number chain growth 17.3%, and recovery chain growth 19.3%. Liu Hongbin forecast, As consumers know more about recycling programs, recycling and recovery will continue to improve.
New environment-friendly materials to surface
At present, some mainstream e-commerce the use of fillers to foam or bubble bags, not only was costly and not environmentally friendly. Electrical contractor in eco-friendly cross-border tours, not only in terms of packaging material and recycled chain move limbs so simple, there are alternative, reduce harmful amount of packaging materials used from the source.
This year’s world environment day, dangdang pioneered the promotion of starch-based biodegradable packaging bags, an electrical contractor in the environmental protection industry cross-border opening of “road shows”. In June, dangdang, opening of the new environmentally friendly packaging warehouse in Fuzhou, this package is based on corn starch starch-based plastic, 4 months after most of the natural degradation in the soil, environmental pollution, and compared to the traditional plastic bags may save 70% oil consumption. According to reports, the new environmental protection packaging award for books and other goods distribution package.