paper coil packaging machine

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copy paper coil packaging machine would work for wrapping machine A4 document( 500 linens) in a single ream

backup document coil packaging machine

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Brief Characteristic:

Manual launching of pre-minimize A4 Dimensions papers (70 or 80gsm) only onto the conveyor in which will car feed into the wrapping area on paper.

structure and Performance features:

Principal construction is driven by a number of cams and hooking up rods and working add-ons to finish the coil packaging. Higher stableness, reduced noises.

Applying frequency transformation with multi-functionality digital low-tactic velocity, taking on siemens PLC program controlled. Touch-screen recognizing individual-coil packaging machine interface.

For roll paper bundle, It offers automatic clutch handled product to help make the roll paper have the function of automatic elevation and subsidence photocell sensor, cutting accuracy of colour film.

If coil package material is PE laminated paper, machine is connecting gluer and the spray adjustable. If package material is printed film photocell sensor will be provided so as to reduce the packing cost and also improve cutting accuracy of color film, wrapping effect and sealing performance.

Primary Technical Parameter:

Main Technical Guidelines



Manufacturing ability


A4 duplicate paper size(regular)


(According to 500 Pieces A4 copying paper)


380V 50Hz,3 phases



Compressed atmosphere


All round proportions(L*W*HW)(millimeters)

4600*1300*1450 with out security deal with

4600*1300*1680 with safety include



Package material

Published roll papers coil package deal

Internal size of roll: 76mm

Optimum size: 1000mm