Sealing and wrapping machine

The stretch wrapping machine is suitable for plastic, aluminum, paper plastic coiled material dry compound. This machine adopts hot air drying oven, bake Road segment control, guide roller linkage, before and after the pressure roller pneumatic type, heat drum adopts the heat conducting medium heating, unwinding adopt photoelectric deviation, tension magnetic powder control, flatulence axis unwinding and rewinding, double motor, variable frequency speed regulation. Novel design, fast, stable and reliable, high precision.
Note: the paper plastic composite, reeling frame can be another option.
The main technical parameters:
Composite width
coil winding diameter
Tube core dimensions
Rewinding diameter
Composite speed
The total power
Appearance size
The weight of the whole machine
Soft package sealing and wrapping machine (also called back sealing machine), as one of the compound soft packaging bag equipment. For PVC shrink film gluing, automatic heat sealing T-shaped bag, bag closing angle of raphe. This machine adopts stepless speed, silicon controlled constant temperature, sealing is firm and reliable.
The main technical parameters:
Effective width
250 mm
Working speed
40 m / min.
Electric heating temperature
80-180 C
The power supply voltage
The total power
The shape size
2900950×1180 mm
The weight of the whole machine


Packaging machine and printing

High speed automatic paste box stretch wrapping machine / high speed automatic sticky box machine / high speed automatic sticky box machine
Taiwan factory technical output, advanced design. Available in a variety of styles and functions of large and small etc.
1 in addition to the general eighty percent off, sixty percent off, bottom paste, box box all models have already exported to Southeast Asia.
2 full computer control production of four angle and six corner box has been the user identity.
3 the implementation of strict inspection, to ensure quality.
4 mature technology, guarantee after sale service.
Use: the machine is printing drum materials after inspection and rewinding.
Features: the machine has automatic stretch wrapper single point and multi-point flawed memory looking for positive and negative volumes, and other functions.
The main technical parameters
Width of material
Rewinding speed
Unwinding and rewinding diameter
Phi 600mm
Retractable reel
Of 3 “gas expansion shaft (phi 6” option)
The main control system
PLC + man-machine interface
Tension control
Driving method
Two vector frequency conversion motor
Error correction system
EPC (on the edge correction) (ultrasonic simulation control)
Inspection method
Synchronous strobe
The working power supply
Three-phase five wire AC / 380V/ 50HZ
The weight of the whole machine


technology constantly improving

Core tip: China packaging industry technology constantly improving, but there are still some gap to go international. As a free and open market, the United States has been on China’s pharmaceutical packaging business door was open, and the development of science also said pharmaceutical machinery equipment of our country constantly update and improve the ability to walk out of China, to the world, the key problem is the packaging enterprises in when in what way go to succeed?
[China Packaging WebEx] China packaging line industry technology constantly improving, but there are still some gap to go international. As a free and open market, the United States has been on China’s pharmaceutical packaging business door was open, and the development of science also said pharmaceutical machinery equipment of our country constantly update and improve the ability to walk out of China, to the world, the key problem is the packaging enterprises in when in what way go to succeed?
It is understood that at present the United States pharmaceutical packaging machinery manufacturers “polarization” phenomenon is obvious. In order to test electronic product preparation, code device as the representative of the exquisite development in American prosperity; and with heat shrink packaging universal machine, wrapping machine and sealing machine based packaging machinery occupies a considerable proportion; large packaging machinery production line for filling machine, labeling machine, capping machine based, United States basically has no production, the market almost all the imported equipment, especially the German and Italian manufacturers of equipment occupied. China packaging machinery can open the American market, the relevant technical level and China packaging machinery, on the other hand, with the United States related to the morphology of packaging machinery market.

China pharmaceutical packaging machinery manufacturing level and the level of industrial design through imitation, introduction of technology and capital and the globalization of procurement way to rapid development. Today, packaging machinery manufacturing enterprises in China easily through global procurement of some key components, so as to rapidly improve the equipment technical level and reliability.

We recognize that in some high technology content products such as automatic packaging machine, labeling machine, sealing machine and mechanical hand equipment, pharmaceutical machinery made in China are unable to meet the level with Germany, Italy and Japan in product competition. But in the technical content of the product, at present China’s production of packaging machinery has been very much growing. It can meet the requirements of the USA market, and most likely to achieve a breakthrough in the short term.


control directing equipment

Montalvo and Coastline Controls have created a new ideal partnership providing their potential customers full stress web and control directing equipment deals. Coast will feature Montalvo packaging tension control equipment, including controls, load cells, sensors and brakes on their new machine retrofit and builds applications, as a preferred supplier to Coast Controls.

Coastline Regulates all atmosphere internet manuals are for sale to primary support and purchase from Montalvo inside the Northeast and Southeast areas, whilst the vast majority of Montalvo?ˉs manufacturer?ˉs representatives also have signed on with Shoreline Controls, to offer complete devices alternatives across North America.

COO Robin Goodwin states, Coast Regulates emphasis on supplying top quality revolutionary options supported by exceptional customer support ensures they are a perfect spouse with Montalvo. It becomes an important initial step in establishing a foundation we will broaden after in the years to come.

Kyle Koontz, vice president of Shoreline Controls provides, ?°Montalvo’s 67 many years of experience with website manage items backed by their group of experts and basic method of solving difficulties delivers the ability to supply our consumers overall website control with the quality and service you may have recognized to obtain from equally businesses.


small amount of pouches packaging

Retort and very hot-fill up spouted pouches produced by Mondi The United States have successfully completed hermetic seal dependability tests performed from the Nationwide Foods Lab LLC, a completely independent screening organization. The screening provides added guarantee to foods organizations and co-packers that Mondi retort and warm fill up pouches satisfy the maximum standards for leak-resistant, hermetically covered efficiency.

The hermetic seal packaging  integrity examination reveals pouches to incredibly difficult circumstances, claims Roger Vrooman, item advancement engineer at Mondi Jackson Inc. ?°Mondi?ˉs successful examination results need to attention packaging managers accountable for a variety of food items including child fruit and foods purees.?±

Mondi?ˉs retort pouches as well as their contents are remain and sterilized secure on store racks without resorting to freezing or refrigeration. They are designed for packaging of the items as infant sauces, soups, rice and foods goods. Mondi?ˉs very hot load spouted pouches are usually employed to package deal much more acid items like apple inc sauce and fruit purees.

Effective Testing

The hermetic close off dependability exams had been conducted in the Countrywide Foods Labs center in Livermore, Calif. An agent example of Mondi retort spouted pouches with hats had been loaded with a low-acid broth and sterilized within a lab retort holding chamber. A small amount of pouches packaging had been selected to have an original burst open test; they showed no leakage right after subjection to some powerful vacuum of 20 in . of mercury.

According to U.S a batch of 50 pouches then underwent immersion biotesting. Drug and Food Administration guidelines. This involved submersion in a bacteria-filled answer followed by a two-few days incubation time period. The Mondi pouches showed no warning signs of swelling that could indicate microbial toxic contamination, confirming that this pouches experienced maintained their close off integrity.

Mondis warm fill up spouted pouches also underwent burst open immersion and testing biotesting for very hot load programs. Pouch samples were loaded with a higher-acid solution answer that simulated the specific contents of warm fill up applications, then sterilized within a vapor tunnel. The pouches finished the exams with no failures, verifying the pouches?ˉ close off reliability.


integrating externally-accessible

Guided by two precision sq . rail bearings, the HMR has huge time and payload ability packaged inside a lower profile, and smooth package. The alternatives of either a very high-performance the right time belt push or a preciseness golf ball screw with several direct options allow the consumer to increase efficiency within their system.

By integrating externally-accessible lubrication fittings into the carriage which evenly disperse lubricant across the bearing ball and trucks nut, machine maintenance is easier, and overall maintenance costs are lowered. Additionally, you will find choices for two various chassis profiles, allowing an individual to select between a very-low-profile and cost-effective ?°basic?± edition, or even a ?°reinforced stretch wrapper model, which supplies structural solidity for long unsupported spans.

Potential applications for the HMR range from packaging equipment, material handling, robot transfer, or other general automation applications, but with the adaptability of this actuator, it is also suitable for integration into any machine layout.

HMR High Time Rodless Linear Actuator Attributes of the HMR linear actuator for pckaging machine include: 5 user profile dimensions: 150, 085, 110, 240mm and 180; dual travel coach: precision tennis ball screw or high-performance timing buckle; fill capability approximately 26,600 N; optimum thrust to 5,560N (screw) and 4,000N (belt); standard strokes as much as 4000mm (attach) and 6000mm (buckle);optimum pace to 1.6 m/s (attach) and 5 m/s (screw); 2 account types: simple and bolstered; tandem and bi-parting carriage options; recommended sensing unit areas: inner (protected under the include) or external; belt version has several installing places at 90 levels around axis of movement; easy lube fixtures on carriage; pre-set up engine, gearhead, and control package alternatives; different variety of accessories and mountings; IP54-graded cover option; and ambient temperature array: -30C to 80C.