Packaging machine and printing

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High speed automatic paste box stretch wrapping machine / high speed automatic sticky box machine / high speed automatic sticky box machine
Taiwan factory technical output, advanced design. Available in a variety of styles and functions of large and small etc.
1 in addition to the general eighty percent off, sixty percent off, bottom paste, box box all models have already exported to Southeast Asia.
2 full computer control production of four angle and six corner box has been the user identity.
3 the implementation of strict inspection, to ensure quality.
4 mature technology, guarantee after sale service.
Use: the machine is printing drum materials after inspection and rewinding.
Features: the machine has automatic stretch wrapper single point and multi-point flawed memory looking for positive and negative volumes, and other functions.
The main technical parameters
Width of material
Rewinding speed
Unwinding and rewinding diameter
Phi 600mm
Retractable reel
Of 3 “gas expansion shaft (phi 6” option)
The main control system
PLC + man-machine interface
Tension control
Driving method
Two vector frequency conversion motor
Error correction system
EPC (on the edge correction) (ultrasonic simulation control)
Inspection method
Synchronous strobe
The working power supply
Three-phase five wire AC / 380V/ 50HZ
The weight of the whole machine