furnace entire body

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1. potential: 4kw

2. Manufacturing speed : 40-60pcs/minutes

3. material feeding way : by roll

4. the final metal blade dimension : thickness -9mm ,

size 10-500mm

5. material thickness: .01-.5mm

6. machine weight : 3500kg

7. machine dimension : 2100*1000*2000mm


This metal Casing Intermediate Frequency IElectrical stainlesss steel Melting Furnace, otherwise known as as Induction Smelting Furnace is perfect for melting cast metallic, cast iron, steel, other, aluminum and copper materials or its alloy. It will also wuitable to use combined with self-warmed furnaces and electric arc furnace for heating system or maintaining hot/positioning the molten steel and molten metallic.


1. furnace body

2. moderate regularity power supply

3. h2o cooling down cable

4. air conditioning h2o tank

5. crucible mold

6. reimbursement capacitor carrier


Intermediate Regularity Power Furnace specs:

1. Activate and shut down the smelter very easily, and potential failing will never affect the assistance lifetime of electric powered furnace.

2. Adopt constant capability to handle the circuit, sustain continuous energy although melting, while keeping speedier melting price.

3. Setup above voltage, around existing and drinking water lacking guard, and operate properly.

4. The motherboard adopts CAD modern technology, incorporated circuit table, low-fault-rate, easy-manipulating, simple routine maintenance.

5. No voltage starts off up lightly, great initial power, don′t impact on the electric community.

6. Relate to melting ferrous metallic and low-ferrous metal like copper, aluminum, steel, zinc and iron stainless-steel and many others..