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The “rotary kind” blister and clamshell sealers routine times are dependent upon user loading rates of speed plus they can accomplish around 10 to 20 periods a minute and maybe a lot more for the 8 station sealer. The rotary sealers are handled by way of a PLC and settings for fill time, close off time, temperature are altered by an incorporated HMI for convenient operator use. The “rotary” Blister and Clamshell Sealers can be found with a long list of options which provide for customization to match all nevertheless the highest speed blister pallet stretch wrapper clamshell and Packaging manufacturing standards.


Locating pins on turntable for fast-alter seal resources

Used to seal off a wide selection blister/clamshell types

Job/Action Performance

Validation ready

Optional credit card feeder

Includes PLC with machine functions and timer configurations controlled and adjusted by way of a touch screen operator user interface panel

Rotary Blister or Clamshell Sealer

High Speed Auto Blister Sealer and Clamshell Sealer

High-speed Inline Blister Sealer

This Blister pallet stretch wrapper Packaging Equipment Video clip shows a higher-pace auto blister sealer (with greeting card feeding ) in full operation producing blister packed pills for prescription drug products

The Top Speed Auto Blister Sealer and Clamshell Sealer machines are conveyor type blister pallet stretch wrapper Packaging equipment designed especially for high amount pallet stretch wrapper Packaging programs. Theses the top of line high speed inline automated blister sealers and clamshell sealers feature a servo chain powered program, precision four-post temperature seal click (with preciseness ground platens and extended bushings to ensure parallelism), a feeling screen owner interface panel (for fast set-up and realignment of working sequences and parameters to the PLC) and is particularly offered in diverse lengths (for optional automated feeders and further merchandise loaders).

An optional electronic impulse closing product is available for clamshell securing and two-part blister securing programs with lots of choices are offered to customized tailor a system to meet nearly every application.