Speedy coil package changeover

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1.VFFS packaging program

2.Higher performence and quaity coil packaging

3.Meals coil packaging program


The device will finish off all the process instantly: ,materials giving, dosing, satisfying, time printing ,bag creating ,closing, cutting and finish merchandise conveying.

It offers the main advantages of substantial precision weighting, higher effectiveness and full automation in order to save human cost.


Suitable to consider and pack almost all dried out and granule substance, like:

Candy, puff treat foods, potato french fries, crispy rice,jelly and candy, apple inc chips, dumpling, tiny dessert, dry fresh fruit, melons seeds, roasted nuts and seeds, medical materials, strong-frozen food, and so forth

Combined coil wrapping Machines :

1. Vibration feed

2.Z-type pail escalator

3. Multiple-mind mixture weigher

4. Function system

5. Huge vertical type fill up close off packaging machine

6. Done merchandise wall plug conveyor.


1. Conveyor

2. Steel detector

3. Check weigher

4. Rotary kitchen table

Crucial Features of VFFS:

Programable PLC bottom management system

Motorized pressure management on film unwinding

Colour touch-screen HMI

Twin vacuum adsorption film pulling belts(alternative)

Servo-driven yanking belt

Servo-motivated sealing jaws(alternative)

Openable electric powered drawer make maintenance and cleaning easier.

Automation film tracking method maintains lateral position of the film whatsoever apps.

Variable PID temperature controls

Fast changeover new film roll and past.

Basic safety guard change to satisfy CE protection ask for.

Advantages and Benefits for your system:

Sound efficiency, exceptional packing quality, fantastic end user experience

New & solid form of the coil wrapper make them very easy to established-up, work, and maintain.

Just about the most progress baggers available on the market, the coil wrapping macine series offer you great value with the excellent Return on investment.

Designed for low cost of servicing making use of off-the-shelf elements. Interfaces easily with auxiliary gear.