the technical data of Coil wrapper

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can be linkage with pay-off rack and extruder line Technical AnnexObject: Tubes Automatic Forming Equipment 2-2.operation direction: inlet wire from left , or decide by customer
1.2.3 Requirements on working speed (key factor): This requests more detailed tube specification information and speed requirements from the user. 1-1.power :AC380V,3-phase,50HZ, or provided by customer 2-10.switch and meter on operation panel:touch screen,speed-adjust button, emergent switch l) Strapping position reset m) The bundling system is adjustable for different pipe length.


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    2. the function of Spiral wrapping machine conveying the actual packs associated with articles from the pack supply and from the packaging subsystem to some palletizer; and 1-6. with automatic inspect wrong function, automatic send signal when wrong come out … …
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    2. the feacture of the Cable wrapping machine Load running test are carried out based on the successful completion of non load running test. It lasts a period from the first load running test to the inspection and exam of all properties. The purposes are as follows. ?? High automation level. The equipment is driven by servo controller and transducer controller. Siemens PLC and UP PC monitoring software are combined fairly well in the control system.Steady and reliable system. Equipped with parts and components of world famous brands, the control system is optimized subject to different situations. Easy and convenient operation. The operating interface of the monitoring software is designed according to user’s requirements. By setting tube bundles parameters in interface, operator can fulfill different contract tasks. …
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    2. Wire wrapping machine means for discharging packages from the packaging subsystem. Turn-over speed: about 60 seconds ±10% Power output: about. 2.6kw
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    2. the feacture of the Coil tilter l) Strapping position reset m) The bundling system is adjustable for different pipe length. UniversityElectromechanical fhope group Technology Engineering Co., Ltd Equipment Composition ..
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    2. what is the Door packing line It is a further object of the present invention to provide a more efficient method and system with regard to order packing which permits long term stock maintaining unit growth capacity. *Indicator alarms can automatically show the trouble;
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    2. what is the Hose wrapping machine 2 power wheel and idler wheel with wear-resistant polyurethane and is made of 45 # carbon steel.
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    2. the technical data of coil tilter Nevertheless these and other objects of the present creation are satisfied by a way of avoiding warehousing of palletized articles including the steps associated with: ?? Centralized management and decentralized control. PLC automatically manages some parts of the system. PLC is designed to be the primary station DPM 1 of the system (central control). By communicating with PLC, industrial PC DPM 2 realizes functions like management and search.
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    2. the function of Wire wrapping machine Other related matters are clarified as follows.4.7.1 Time for inspection and acceptance Turntable Height: 550 mm Turntable weight capacity: 2000kg Packing Height: 1800mm tailored on needsMachine weight: 900kg …
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    2. the function of Door packing line a conveyor program for giving a plurality associated with types of the beverage containers; Emergency stop button, can stop the machine rapidly in emergency conditions. Conveyor for loads outfeeding. … …
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    2. How to find Horizontal stretch wrapper n) Pipe are paralleled in strapped bundle. Bundle Size: Length:4000mm and 6000mm *Separate control panel makes operation & maintenance easily; .
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    2. the technical data of Coil wrapper 2.performances; 2-1.voltage ;AC380V, 3-phase, 50HZ or provided by customer Maximum load: 20T Power output: aprox.2.5kw Speed: 30-50segs. Maximum working size: 1200x1200X1400mm (can be designed special) Our sales, equipment service, customer service and engineering departments can help you design the optimum protective packaging system for your application. The working table designed very from the shape of products. .
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    2. How to find Automatic pallet wrapping machine 4.2 Bundle conveying wagon carrierThe bundle conveying carrier is shown in Picture 3.It is used to convey the shaped bundle from the forming-bed to the strapping position.Picture 3 Bundle Conveying Carrier Working procedures:After the carrier receives the shaped bundle, it moves to the strapping position and puts the bundle into the conveying roller way. In case of the forming-bed dose not reach the lower-limit position, the carrier’s forearm is flexible enough to spread (to horizontal), insert into the bed and fetch the bundle. The forearm is driven by an autolocking cylinder.4.3 Bundle conveying roller way wrap by adopting PVC/PE film,PP braiding band or braiding paper .
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    2. How to operating Coil wrapper 19. The strapping and wrapping machine associated with claim 18, wherein the actual loading aid encloses three sides of the load stack. ?? Communication. This system is supposed to communicate with UP PC and to transform necessary operational and technical information to the UP computer, (The key point is to communicate with previous working procedures, especially length measuring, weighing and printing procures. The measuring system provides the forming system with bundling information such as tube weight, tube length and storing information, while the forming system provides the measuring system with bundling information required.)Within 3 weeks of the coming into force of the contract, after Seller receives General chart of processing setup from Buyer, Seller delivers equipment s’ foundation lay-out drawing (including equipment dimension and max hoisting weight of installing and maintaining equipments.) (in quadruplicate) .
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    2. the feacture of the Steel coil wrapping machine The bundle conveying roller way, shown in Picture 4, is driven by reducer motor. The roller way, together with rollers at both sides of forming-bed, conveys the bundle away from the