Terms) of my coil packaging line

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2. Work-flow


3. Handbook decoiler in coil packaging line

3.1 Inside diameter coil is 450 – 550 millimeters

3.2 Coil Width is 1200 mm

3.3 Coil stress 5 loads

4. Forming product

4.1 Shaft fabric: 45# steel, exterior diameter 70mm

4.2 Curler fabric: #45 metal

4.3 Number of forming station: 11 pairs

4.4 Chains carry

4.5Forming rate is 8m/min

5. Hydraulic Slicing system

5.1 Hydraulic Station: 1set

5.2 With hydraulic station, electric motor 3 KW

5.3 Decreasing press 40 ton

5.4 Hydraulic cutter

5.5 Blade materials: G12 metallic with quenched handled 60-62°C

5.6 Decreasing system: advanced hydraulic travel, intelligent reducing following

forming, no distorting or spending, top level security aspect.

6. Managing Gadget

6.1 Display: Delta


6.3 Automated length way of measuring

6.4 Intelligent quantity measurement

6.5 Personal computer is utilized to regulate length and quantity. coil packing Machine will quickly cut to span and quit when required amount is obtained

6.6 Duration inaccuracy could be amended very easily

7.Hydraulic process in coil packaging line

a. Implementing innovative hydraulic program of Tai Wan

b. Power: 3kw

8.The instruments finish , deal

a.the layer adopt worldwide general tone-guideline

b.The bundle : basic water-proof package deal.

9.the spares of the devices .

a.the element of straightforward destroying : contactor conk: 2 unit ,fuse: 4 set up

b.the hydraulic closing up cushion: 1set

c.Bolt spanner: 1 establish

10.Phrases) of my coil packaging line

1).The repayment conditions: Shell out 30Per cent following approved the contract ,Pay 70% following examine and agree to well before produce .

2).Warranty : 1 year ,and that we will provide the technical support for the entire existence .

3).When selecting up merchandise, our team will provide the working coaching book ,the circulation attracting of equipment , putting in draw road map of products ,The hydraulic concept graph or chart, the component of simple destroying ,the total chart of products .

4). Delivery time : In 45 operating days and nights after receiveing downpayment.