hydraulic coil packaging line system

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P4000-coil lighting cement mixing machine is especially designed for Mobile lightweight cement, increased on the

basis from the SYT-30 light definite mixing packing machine in order to achieve big and method-measured capacity. Taking on dual shaft compulsion combining to force unprocessed components to combine fast and homogenously

from the solid rounded impact and motion.

An ideal Blender for Cell light-weight cement Due to the high automation, compact construction, reliable performance,

Vacuum in coil wrapping machine is by using several benefits, like reasonable design and style, compact construction, constant running, easy functioning, low usage and so forth. The spiral reamer embrace wear-level of resistance metallic apply artwork modern technology; top of the phase blending shaft, the reamer shaft, and the body in the machine are all passed on the quenching, aging and tempering procedure; The reducer gearwheel adopts the spiral stress platter patent technologies in the clutch mainly extented the support duration of the machine.

Mixing and working into one particular, very easy to work, simple to move, adaptable, and secure overall performance. The water pump construction operation method utilized in all automatic, all materials combining, high-pressure pumping as one; Dual tube hydraulic working program, hydraulic coil packaging line program significantly improve the the stirring Definite water pump all round trustworthiness make sure water pump endeavor foolproof function below unpleasant circumstances.