steel coil packaging models

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This machine makes use of hydraulic transmitting coil packaging system to anchor, penetration, support and leveling from the physique, and the like.


Motor type: Diesel CZ2100

Maximum rate: 40KM/h

Maximum push: 150kN, 200kN

Drive: Diesel Engine, Electronic starting up

Essential oil stress: 10 Mpa

Penetration velocity: 1.2±0.3m/minutes

Measurement(m): 3.1×1.6×1.63

Weight: 3000Kg


? Numerous designs for different programs

? Simple to work, and completely-intelligent

? “One-Important Operation”

The full tests process could be performed by a single individual with demanding merely one crucial. If the “Start” key is located beside him, that means the driver himself can finish the task. The screening task can be started off by PC.

? Quickly measurement

≤20s/point, and can be reduced to ≤10s/point if fast measurement

software used.

? Multiple-useful and Specialist

? Strong and durable trailers bottom plate, brought in from Germany

? Equipped with laptop for wireless information transmission

? Gps system location and temperature measurement

? Car catch of deflection value and load importance.

? Continuous backyard doing work.

? Storage space Battery Charging: asking by electronic power generator about the tractor or 220 V electric power source

? Dual Securing System: Hydraulic/ Mechanical

? Unexpected emergency System: Raise the stress platter when coil packaging machine system reduces.

? Functioning Options: Handbook/ Automated

? Working position of fill plate may be watched on the screen.

? Inertia Braking

Synchronized turn/split/again head and light caution gentle using the tractor


aImpact Stress Array: around 130KN(upgradable to

250KN), pre-setted as 50KN.

1.Vibrant Push Range: ~200KN(Extendable)

2. Fill Evaluating Accuracy and reliability: 1%

3. Load Pulse Design: Fifty percent-sine

4. Deflection Range: ±3.5mm(±5mm optional)

5. Deflection Precision: ≤2Percent

6. Deflection Solution: .2μm

7. NO. of Deflection Indicator: Multi-stage(1-9 non-obligatory)

8. Examination ing Speed for each Position : 15-20s/stage (3 falls), and will be decreased to ≤10s/position if fast measurement software applied.

9. Excess weight Elevating: Hydraulic coil packaging

10. Stress Dish Action Sort: Hydraulic

11. Moving Speed: ~120km/h (depends on the pavement situations)

12. Complete Body weight: 550kgs

13. DMI Accuracy and reliability: .1%