coil packing vacuum and device

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polishing coil wrapping machine

1.suitable for polishing, waxing and finishing.

2.Worktable with coil packing device and vacuum adsorption gadget.

3.Moving worktable down and up with Taiwan Linear Slip System.

4Polishing unit and wheel is managed by definitely variable speed transducer.

5.Waxing product with Germany HDP II mist pistol.

6.Lineen slipping by British”SKT”.

7.Individually cpanel

7.Taiwan DELTA regularity converter, man-personal computer graphical user interface touch-screen.


Maximum. Sprucing up Size2476MM

Optimum. Sprucing up Breadth1100MM


Improving380V and MOTOR1pcs,50HZ,15KW,14800R/Minutes


REBERT Engine1.1KW

Sprucing up Rate~5M/Minutes

Tire SIZE350*1200MM

TABLE REVERT SPEED 8.6~14M/Minutes(30~60Hz)

Kitchen table Elevate Pace 76MM/Minutes

VACUUM Water pump 2.2KW

Complete Electric motor 53.2KW

Sizing 7580*1700*2330MM

Bodyweight 5800KG

1.Ideal for woodwork goods waxing, finishing and polishing.

2.Inverter manage coil wrapping machine revert doing work desk,suitable for different concluding board sprucing up and waxing.

3.Inductive move cotrolled revert duration,far more productivity.

4.Movable clamping,very easy to fasten workpiece.

5.Vacuum adsorber assures the efficient improving modest board.

1.4-aspect straight profile sander, suited to profile sanding of timber series, structure series, front door collection and also other direct lines of L range

2.The press device adopts point-to-stage demanding ,spring season load and is ideal for unregular workpiece and totally free of injuries.

3.All portions are giving as well and the machine modifications the rate constantly with sizeable serving potential; the resilient silicone coil wrapping machine conveyer buckle would work for sanding warious supplies

According to travel switch sensing without regulation, which greatly improces efficiency and ensures that head and tail parts of the workpiece are free from injury, 4.The movements of sanding sponge and pad sanding head are controlled automaticially by PLC.